Friday, 23 September 2011

A Shocking Scandal& Echoes of Splendour

A Shocking Scandal is now published at kindle and also at ARE in pdf. The covers for books loaded to ARE are not yet up but they will be. I am loading some of them here for you.

A Shocking Scandle is about a young girl in Paris meeting an Indian prince. His mother was English but there are whispers that she was not married to his mother and this leads Sarah's mother to think a match would not be suitable. Sarah is falling in love and nothing will stop her meeting the man she finds fascinating, even though she is pursued by a rogue of a fortune hunter and he is being followed. Are they both in danger and can their love survive a shocking scandle?

Both books available from ARE and kindle

Echoes of Splendor is an early 20th century book about a girl growing up in Russia. Her father is Prince Ivan's English tutor and a match is impossible but then the revolution happens. Sarah is taken back to England, where she goes to boarding school and becomes a beautiful young woman. This is the first of a series

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