Monday, 29 August 2011

Contest Prize.

I am contributing this book as a prize in a contest run by Lady Rosalie Skinner to publicise her new book and others at Museitup - a publisher I have just joined. Later next year they will be publishing two books in the Sisters Of the Ring series. I shall be writing more about this as the months pass but for now I want to help publicise other books by Museitup. So here is my offering - a book I wrote for another publisher.

If you are the winner I hope you enjoy it. I have other free books to give away to readers. email me through my website

best wishes
Anne Ireland

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The main picture

The main picture is for a book I have coming soon. I'll post about this nearer to publication.

As Anne Ireland I have several books with various ebook publishers and one is in print. However, there are some special books coming out next year. Much too soon to blog about them yet but in the meantime I'll keep you in touch with whatever is going on.

Love, Anne

Hi everyone

I write under several names and have various blogs for them but I decided I should have a blog for Anne Ireland books so here it is. You probably know me as Linda Sole and Anne Herries but Anne Ireland is gathering quite a list of books now so I wanted to have a separate blog for them.

This is just my first post to set up the url and I shall pop in later and bring it to life.

Love to all, Anne